Founded on 28th of June 1996 under the directorship of Mr. Bhanwarlal Agarwal, MECHFAB is one of the renowned PEB manufacturers in India. It has been manufacturing and supplying the best steel fabricating works. MECHFAB offers custom and unique designs, which are modern, solid, productive and aesthetically appealing. MECHFAB’s creative methodology, commitment, and quality are what makes them the customer’s first priority. With highly committed and creative individuals in the group, the Pre-Engineered Buildings and other steel fabrication works are maximized in performance and appearance. Time being the most significant factor in the construction industry, MECHFAB, has a record of putting up solutions that are time efficient, brisk, easy and compatible with their clients’ requirement. MECHFAB’s fabrication works are always the latest and reliable, the steels are manufactured from the best quality steel for construction in India after a stringent quality check. As the leading manufacturer and supplier of Steel for all kinds of steel fabrication works, MECHFAB has been providing their clients with a generous number of inventory requirements.


MECHFAB’s core values help in improving the interior culture, the relationship with its clients and enhance productivity. We admire innovation, dedication, honesty, quality which energizes a positive delivery of excellent service. We also ensure that our work complements our core values and are in compliance with the best steel companies in India.


We prioritize safety because a workplace hazard-free environment is what we strive to give to our team.


Keeping pride in our team, we work together to foster a complementary strength to keep polishing our skills and boost productivity.


We wear a positive attitude and accept challenges with a smile to bring up the best results.


Our Designs are always Environment-Friendly and designed to sustain in normal and extreme natural conditions which makes them the most durable amongst other steel structure buildings in India.


We maintain open communication, practice work transparency and deliver highest standards of fairness and ethical behavior.


The MECHFAB family comprises of dedicated, passionate, honest, creative and experienced members. They are the representatives as well as the mainstays of the organization's establishment. Each and every one from the team put their dedication in their areas of expertise which results in brilliant outcomes.